My Sephora VIB/Birthday Haul


Sephora Gift Box

Hi Everyone,

You may remember by 29th birthday wishlist I posted a few weeks ago. I was graciously gifted some money to spend at Sephora from my mom (thanks again Mom! I know you’re reading this :P), so I took advantage of the VIB 20% off sale. My friend Alicia from Funny Face Beauty and I went to our local Sephora to shop, but I barely found anything on my wishlist! Plus what I did find, I realized I didn’t actually want after swatching. Go figure! I ended up placing my order online and had to wait a lot longer than I was expecting to receive everything. Sephora sent out an email to apologize for the delay and said I would be receiving 250 points for the delay. They actually ended up crediting me 500! So of course, my package arrived while I was in Seattle for work, so I had to wait even longer to look at everything. When you’re a beauty fiend like I am, this is torture!  Anyway, I was so excited to see my package, I quickly said hello to my boyfriend and furbabies, and tore right into it.

Sephora Makeup Haul

I ended up with a few things from my wishlist, and a few impulse buys, plus one kit that Alicia recommended.

1. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Rose Gold ($47) – Uuugh this is so pretty. I don’t even want to use it, I just want to stare at it. I am kind of dispointed that it doesn’t have the cool prism pattern like some I’ve seen, or am I thinking of a totally different product??

2. Urban Decay VIB 500 point perk – The best, perfectly packaged perk I’ve ever seen. This little palette and liner combo is perfect for daily use and will travel so well. I think I might be the most excited for this.

3. Dior Poison ($62) – I don’t know why this perfume is so hard to find. My boyfriend says I smell like an old lady with it on, which I guess is fitting seeing as I’m almost over the hill and all. I’ve been wearing it all the time anyway. What do men know about fragrance?!

4. Tarte Sweet Dreams deluxe bestsellers kit ($21) – I really bought this for the eye cream and the cute Maracuja oil bottle. The cheek stain is just a bonus. It’s pretty sheer, so I don’t think I’ll use it too much, but it might be nice for my pale winter skin.

5. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose ($51) – This is the only thing that was in my local Sephora. I had a hard time deciding between Rose and Pink Quartz, but I think I made a good choice.

Sephora Skincare Haul


6. Tarte Maracuja oil & Maracuja C-Brighter eye cream – Part of the Tarte set that the cheek stain came in. I’ve read a lot of positive reviews on the eye cream, and have been looking for a new one for awhile.

7. Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer (4oz/$67) – This moisturizer is THE BEST! I swear it doubles as a primer too. If you haven’t tried it, please go and get a sample (Canadians, this might be hard to find as it’s not sold in Canadian locations on it’s own, but it is in the Winter Skincare kit)

8. Ole Henriksen 3 Little Wonders Bonus set ($84, $138 value) – Alicia said that she loved this kit, and bought a few for her and her mom. Plus she pointed out that the Truth Serum is full size, so you’re actually getting a great deal with all 4 products since the serum is $60 on it’s own. Can’t wait to try this!

Did you get anything from the VIB sale? Let me know in the comments! 


Introducing Kelley West Microderm360: The At Home Microdermabrasion System


Hi Everyone,

I am super excited about Kelley West’s Microderm360! You may have seen on Facebook and Instagram that I am a Microderm360 ambassador. I LOVE microdermabrasion – it was one of my favourite treatments to get in Esthetics school and to give because the results were amazing. If you’re unfamiliar with microdermabrasion, it is a mechanical exfoliation that uses suction to remove the top layer of skin. This might sound scary, but this layer of skin is ready to shed, so it is non-invasive. What you’re left with is super smooth skin, and a lot of stuff happening underneath. Microdermabrasion stimulates collagen and elastin production, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and can help with hyper-pigmentation and sun damage. It is also great for acne, and any scars it can leave behind.
Microderm360 is an at home microdermabrasion system. Using similar technology that you’d find at a spa or dermatologists office, Microderm360 offers the same benefits for a much better price. The Microderm360 kit comes with the Microderm360° microdermabrasion tool, one small fine stainless steel diamond tip for your face, a large coarse tip for your body, an AC adapter, 60 filters, Tweezers and a velvet travel pouch. The kit retails for $250. It may seem like a big price tag, but it is essentially the cost of two treatments at a spa or dermatologist office. Plus you’ll get at least 6 months of treatments (2-3x weekly) out of it. That’s a big savings!

Microderm360 Kit

I’ve used my Microderm360 a few times now and I am loving the results. This is the ultimate exfoliation! Ok, I know I am only rounding 30, but I like to think that I still look quite young, and I’d like to keep it that way! My main focus is reducing the appearance of my acne scars, and I have a large hyper-pigmentation spot that I would love to see disappear. I am really impressed with a few things: the diamond tip does a great job at exfoliating, the suction is a lot better than I expected, and the tool is so easy to use.

Microderm360 Diamond Tip Heads

Microderm360 is pretty simple to use: just cleanse your skin, make sure it is totally dry, and start using it! There are a few things to keep in mind, like making sure you pull your skin tight when going over it, avoid your eye area, and only go in one direction (no back and forth). I haven’t used the body tip yet, but I am eager to as I have some Keratosis Pilaris (chicken skin, yuck!) on my arms, and I’ve heard that the body tip is great for feet too.

If you’re interested in getting your own Microderm360 kit, you can shop online on their website, or if you’re a Home Shopping Network fan, Kelley West will be on the channel providing information and demos. Be sure to check both pages out! Also keep an eye on my Twitter feed for HSN times.

Have you tried Microdermabrasion before? What has stopped you from trying it?


New In: Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow

MUFE Artist Shadows

Hi Everyone,

Well, I think Make Up For Ever has done it again. By now I’m sure you’ve all seen at least a few of the 210 shades of Artist Shadows that MUFE released this summer in celebration of their 30th anniversary. The range of colours is incredible, from pure white to coal black, there isn’t a colour they haven’t created. There are 5 finishes, matte, satin, iridescent, metallic and diamond.

MUFE kindly sent me two of the Artist Shadows to try based on my eye colour and colour preferences. Of course I love purple shades, and having green eyes means that purple tones will make them pop.  I received shades I916 Frosted Mauve and ME930 Black Purple. Frosted Mauve is a pretty, light lilac shade. Black Purple is a dramatic, smokey eggplant shade with a bit of glitter. Frosted Mauve is a great highlighting shade, while I’ve been using Black Purple in my crease and as a liner.

MUFE Artist Shadow I916

Both shades are very pigmented (the Artist Shadows offer up to 88% pigmentation, which is the highest on the market!), but Black Purple is even more proof of the quality behind these shadows. I barely need any of the shade on my brush for great colour pay off. I will admit I was a little apprehensive at first because the shade is a lot darker than what I’d usually use, but a little goes a long way, and the shade is very buildable for when I want to bring the drama.

MUFE Artist Shadow ME930

Each shade can be purchased individually, or you can purchase empty shadow palettes to create your personalized palette. With 200 shades to choose from, the palette cloves are almost endless!  Available exclusively at Make Up For Ever boutiques and Sephora, the shadows are $24 CAD/$21 USD each. Be sure to grab an empty container to safeguard your new shadow. The containers are 1$ each (for 1, 2, and 3 shadows), and if you buy two  artist shadows, you’ll get a $9 discount. If you buy 3, you’ll get a $20 discount (so 3 shadows will be $17 each, 2 will be $19.50 each).

MUFE Artist Shadow Swatches

The Artist Shadows are just another testament to the quality line of products offered by Make Up For Ever. Make sure you head into your nearest Sephora or MUFE boutique to play with all of the shades!

What Artist Shadows are on your list?