European Beauty Haul – ArtDeco Cosmetics

Before I left, I asked for suggestions on brands to check out. Fellow beauty bloggers suggested the Dita Von Teese for ArtDeco collection which I could pick up in Berlin. I was not familiar with ArtDeco, so I checked out their site and saw they had some really great looking shadows and a cool beauty box system. The Dita Von Teese Classics collection really focuses on classic shades – red lips and nails with neutral, soft shadows and blushes.

The ArtDeco display in Karstadt was small compared to other brands, but it was packed with products. Most of the items have minimal packaging because they are designed to go into one of their beauty box systems – like a Z palette but plastic instead of thick cardboard. They come in different sizes and can hold shadows, blushes and applicators.

I picked up one of the limited edition Dita Von Teese beauty box quadrats and headed to the cashier. When she rang me through and said it was only 14€, I was a bit surprised. I was expecting it to be expensive, but I wasn’t about to argue.

ArtDeco, Beauty Box Quadrat, Limited Edition, Dita Von Teese Classics

Time for an embarrassing story: As I went to find my family, I couldn’t contain my excitement so I opened the box to look at everything. To my dismay, it was empty! No wonder it was only 14€! I looked at the packaging and sure enough it stated that it did not contain any products. In English. In big, bold, capitalized letters. When I think back to the transaction, I’m pretty sure she asked me if I wanted to buy any of the shadows or blushes that could fit in it. Clearly I need to learn German. I’m going to blame my ignorance on jet lag since it was our first day in Berlin and we weren’t fully operating at that point.

Anyway, I went back and picked out four shadows that were in the Dita Von Teese Display. Each shadow was 4,80€. At that point, the total for the box and shadows was 33,20€.

The day before we left France, I decided I wanted to fill the box. Luckily, ArtDeco is sold in Galeries Lafayette (a massive, super upscale mall in Paris) which was only a few metro stops away. They did not carry the Dita Von Teese collection but it looked as if they had all of their permanent range to choose from. I grabbed a few more shadows since the blushes didn’t seem too pigmented and they were more expensive there. Each shadow was 7€, bringing the total to fill the box to 61,20€.

ArtDeco, Beauty Box Quadrat, Limited Edition, Dita Von Teese Classics

Eye shadows with protective numbered covers on.

ARtDeco, Limited Edition, Dita Von Teese Classics, Beauty Box Quadrat

Full Beauty Box Quadrat. Each pan is magnetized and slides into place. Unfortunately some shades were damaged by my nails when trying to arrange them.

The shadows perform very well. They`re buttery soft and blend effortlessly. I love the beauty box and find it to be really sturdy, those pans are secure! I wish I had purchased different shades because I realized when I got back to the apartment how similar the shades I bought were to the ones I bought in Germany. I guess you really like what you like. I will definitely try to find a way to get my hands on more ArtDeco!

When I was looking up the shades and the collection for this post, I noticed that none of the shades I bought in Germany match the shades that ArtDeco has on their site for the Dita collection, even though they were in the collection’s specific display. I couldn’t find #645 on their site at all. I thought that was a bit strange, and now I’m questioning whether I actually bought shades from the Dita collection.

I have heard that ArtDeco is carried in select Shoppers Drug Marts, but I haven’t been able to find out exactly which ones. I would try more of the range if I came across them since the colour range is huge and I am curious to see what the other finishes are like.

Edit: ArtDeco has launched in Canada in select Shopper`s Drug Mart locations as of 2013. I highly recommend trying this brand!

Have you tried ArtDeco? Where do you buy it and what are your favourite products?