Regular Topbox – August 2013 Edition

This month Topbox sent out their boxes later than usual. They normally ship on the 10th of the month, but they announced that the August and October boxes would be shipping on different dates. The October box will be shipping on the 1st, and I believe that’s due to a product launch they’re taking part in. I liked how they gave their subscribers a few months notice of the shipping dates so we all weren’t worried when out notices didn’t arrive. Like usual, I opted for the regular Topbox for August 2013. If you’re new to Topbox, it’s a Canadian subscription service that will send out 4 deluxe sized samples or full size items for you to try by the 10th of each month for just $12 a month.

regular topbox august 2013

The regular Topbox for August 2013 contained four products:

Clinique Dramatically Different + Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +New formula strengthens skin’s own moisture barrier by 54%. Moisture stays in. Skin feels soft, springy. Has a healthy glow. Full Size: $17/50ml, $32/125ml. Sample Size: $5.10/15ml. Thoughts: I’ve used Dramatically Different on and off for years and was curious about the changes to the formula. I was just reading a really in depth analysis of the new ingredients and it basically concluded that the lotion would be too heavy for people with normal/oily skin so I’m a bit hesitant to try it out. I’ll probably wait until the winter to give it a go.

MIYU De-Stress Me Pairing Miyu Teas & Beauty De-Stress Mi Pairing A revolutionary fusion between a facial mist and a serum that can prime the skin for moisturizer, act as a base for makeup and provide hydration or calmness. Includes a tea sachet. Full Size: $34/80ml. Sample Size: $6.38/15ml. Thoughts: Holy Peppermint! Both the tea bag and the toner/serum smell heavily of peppermint which isn’t a favourite scent of mine. I’m hoping it will be lighter when sprayed. I like the little pouch the products came in and I can see putting my lip balm and hand cream in them for my purse so they’re easy to find.

B. Kamins Lip Balm SPF 20 B. Kamins Lip Balm SPF 20A soothing treatment balm that helps heal and protect lips from sun, wind, and extreme temperatures. Full Size: $21/15ml. Sample Size: $4.55/3.25ml. Thoughts: I feel like I’ve tried a lot of B. Kamin’s products and it seems like Topbox really likes the brand. I’m very picky about lip balms, preferring them more in a solid state, but I’ll probably give it a go.

Avon MEGA Effects mascara Avon MEGA Effects MascaraPanoramic Volume – Lashes look darker, denser and more dramatic for up to 24 hours. Full Size: $12 (9g). Full Size! Thoughts: I’ve seen this mascara pop up on a lot of blogs I read and my Instagram feed and have been really curious about it. I wonder if it will be the plastic wand that changes my opinion of them because I always find formulas too wet with plastic wands. Definitely excited for this.

August’s regular Topbox had some pretty interesting products. I can’t wait to try the mascara and I promise to give it more than one try! I’ve been feeling better about Topbox since last month’s and right now Topbox is my little treat. I still would like to see them focus on regular boxes instead of Prive, but as long as the option remains to select the regular Topbox I’ll be happy. While I don’t think that Avon is a luxury brand, I do like that they included the mascara because it seems to be something people are talking about, so why not throw it in? I also read on their Facebook page that the next two Topboxes will include at least 5 luxury samples and they are working on a new beauty profile, so that’s exciting too. I’m very curious about what they have in store for their subscribers.

If you want to sign up for Topbox, click here!

What do you think of the samples in the regular August Topbox? Have you tried the Avon mascara? What do you think of it?


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  • http://Website Vonny

    I received the same items, except for the B. Kamins lip balm; I received a Loreal hair oil (3 ml) instead.

    I was excited to see the full size Avon masacara which sells for $12. It’s a new type of mascara which I had been very curious about after seeing it in my Avon catalogue. Unfortunately I have not had luck with it, after using it a couple of times according to the accompanying instructions. It only minimally lengthened my lashes (not as well as another brand I’m currently using) and was awkward to use because the handle is so short compared to a regular mascara wand. It also splattered on my eyelid and under eye area, creating quite a mess.

    • Julia

      I haven’t had the chance to try it yet – honestly I keep forgetting about it! I wear volumizing mascaras usually so now I’m curious. Did it splatter because the formula is really wet or because of the brush? That’s why I don’t like the plastic brushes because I find they always make a mess!
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